RI QUARANTINED EP21 – Joel Solomon, Renewal Funds

***EPISODE 21***

Joel Solomon is a Founding Partner of Renewal Funds, a VC firm focused on impact investing in the environmental technology, and organic food industries. He is also the author of The Clean Money Revolution.

In this conversation Joel and Jamie discuss the history of impact investing, how investors can profit while doing good in the world, the impacts of COVID19 on the world, and why Joel believes this is a great time to find quality investment opportunities.


***EPISODE 20***

Paul Matysek is the CEO and Chairman of GOLDX Mining.

In this episode Paul and Jamie discuss building shareholder value by aligning interests. Paul has built and sold 5 mining companies throughout his career, and created more than $2 billion worth of shareholder value. In this episode Paul elaborates on the current gold environment, why Paul recently joined GoldX and why investors need to consider Guyana as a mining jurisdiction.

RI Project Profile: Maverix Metals (Dan O’Flaherty)

NOTE: This video was recorded in Jan. 2020 pre-quarantine/Social Distancing.

Dan O’Flaherty is the CEO & Co-Founder of Maverix Metals, a royalty and streaming company in Vancouver, BC.

In this interview, Jamie & Dan discuss how Maverix Metals got its start and turned into a company with more than an $800 million market cap within 4 years.

RI QUARANTINED EP19 – Craig Parry, Chairman Vizsla & CEO IsoEnergy

***EPISODE 19***

Craig Parry is the Chairman of Vizsla Resources and Skeena Resources, a Partner at mining PE Firm EMR Capital, and the CEO of IsoEnergy.

In this conversation, Jamie & Craig discuss the impacts of Covid19 on the mining industry, the role of private equity in the sector, the case for Uranium, and how Craig is allocating his own time and capital.

RI QUARANTINED EP18 – David Garofalo, Chairman & CEO: Marshall Precious Metals Fund

***EPISODE 18*** David Garofalo is the Chairman and CEO of the Marshall Precious Metals Fund.

Many of you may recognize David from his previous roles as CFO: Agnico Eagle Mines, CEO: Hudbay, or CEO: Goldcorp.

In this conversation, Jamie & David talk about the impacts of COVID19, the challenges it presents to operating mines, and why now may be the time to start investing in exploration companies.

RI Project Profile: Maverix Metals (Ryan McIntyre)

NOTE: This video was recorded in Jan. 2020 pre-quarantine/Social Distancing.

Ryan McIntyre is the President of Maverix Metals, a royalty and streaming company in Vancouver, BC.

In this interview, Jamie & Ryan discuss the current royalty environment and what type of investments to focus on in your portfolio.

Unknown Capital E02 – Spanish Silver in Old Mexico

Venture capitalist Jamie Keech travels to Sinaloa Mexico and explores the historic Panuco silver mines.

Along the way Jamie goes underground into tunnels built by Spanish conquistadors, dating back to the 1500’s, and learns about the region’s potential for a big silver discovery. Jamie explores the culture and history of Sinaloa, which was once the shrimping capital of the Americas and is now a modern tourist hotspot.

While in the city of Mazatlán Jamie hooks up with Vizsla Resources CEO Mike Konnert and learns about his plan to modernize mining in the region.

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RI QUARANTINED EP17 – Nolan Watson, President & CEO: Sandstorm Gold

***EPISODE 17***

Nolan Watson is the President and CEO of Sandstorm Gold, a Vancouver based streaming and royalty company.

In this conversation, Jamie & Nolan discuss the impacts of COVID19 on royalty companies, how Nolan is managing his own portfolio, which of his competitors he’s buying, why he’s bullish on base metals in the long term, and the importance of using the worlds enforced solitude to focus and reprioritize.

RI QUARANTINED EP16 – Willem Middelkoop, Founder & CIO: Commodity Discovery Fund

***EPISODE 16***

Willem Middelkoop (Twitter: @wmiddelkoop) is the founder and CIO of the Commodity Discovery Fund. Willem focuses his investments on exploration-stage projects working to make tier one discoveries. Willem has published 8 books focusing on macroeconomics, energy, geopolitics, and markets.

In this conversation, Jamie & Willem discuss the incredible asymmetric trade we’re seeing in the commodity space and the macroeconomic catalysts that could jump-start the paradigm shift.