There’s always demand for the best. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s a fine wine, a racehorse, or a CEO – there is always someone out there willing to pay top dollar for the best in show.

Willam Lamb learned that first hand when, as CEO of Lucara Diamonds, he unearthed the 2nd biggest diamond ever found. The 1,111 carat monster Lesedi La Rona diamond, second only to the crown jewels at the time. 

Lucara immediately received offers as high as $30 million, but elected to bring the stone to auction where it sold for $53 million.

This was the first big score in a string of giant discoveries, and to this day Lucara has produced many of the biggest, most valuable stones known to man.

The GOAT Lamb?

The idea behind Lucara was hatched by mining magnates Lukas Lundin, Catherine McLeod-Seltzer, and Eira Thomas to go up against De Beers in Africa.

To execute Lucara needed a first in class CEO. So, they tapped William Lamb. 

Over the next decade, William and team put their heads down and delivered. 

As the diamond market got crushed globally they delivered the world’s biggest stones into the clammy hands of chinese billionaires, oligarchs, and trust-fund kids around the globe. In the process turning Lucara into a billion dollar diamond powerhouse, with some very happy shareholders.

Top talent delivers, and that’s why: there’s always a market for the best. 

Un-Silence of the Lamb 

In 2018, Lamb was ready for a change. 

He retired from Lucara as CEO and went to work looking for the next opportunity. 

Convinced that opportunity lay in copper, he spent the next 3-years quietly combing through projects with his team in search of the right deal. 

He disappeared from the spotlight… 

At the time copper was trading at a dismal $2.70/lb and receiving no love from the markets. 

But… There’s always a market for the best.  

Today, with copper price well above $4/lb, William is launching his next deal, a private latin american copper exploration company we’re calling: Project Black Sheep.


At Resource Insider we bet on the best. Teams with a proven track record and assets with the potential to deliver investors huge returns.

Which is why I’m pleased to announce that I will be investing, alongside many of our Members, in Project Black Sheep.

Why? Simple:

  • TEAM – High caliber leaders with a track record of making investors money.

  • ASSET – Huge exploration upside underpinned by a known resource. 

  • COMMODITY – Right now there is nowhere better to be than copper. The world needs a hell of a lot more of it, and we are not finding it fast enough. I don’t see assets of this caliber come up for sale… almost ever. 

  • PRICE – We’re doing the most important thing an investor can do on this deal. Buying a company for less than it’s worth. 

I get pitched a lot of deals in the mining industry. Too many. 

When I risk my own money I only choose the deals where the deck is stacked in my (and my Members) favor.

I believe this deal is one of them.

If you and want to learn more about Project Black Sheep and invest alongside me, sign up for our free email list:


Jamie Keech

CIO & Editor; Resource Insider