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How To Profit from the Coming Energy Crisis

How To Profit from the Coming Energy Crisis

By Jamie Keech

Founder & CIO, Resource Insider

The greatest wealth creation in history was driven by energy.

The fossil fuel revolution created the robber barons… a small handful of men like John D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie who controlled almost ALL the new world’s wealth.

Their massive wealth dwarfed today’s tech titans.

This makes sense.

We need energy. We like apps and Amazon deliveries and tech gadgets, but we need energy.

Cheap food? Energy.

Warm homes? Energy.

Global travel? Energy.

It’s essential.

Coal mines, whale blubber, or oil wells, it doesn’t matter. He who owns the major energy source of the day wins.

And today, 150 years after the Gilded Age, a new energy revolution is taking shape.

Thanks to the global, unstoppable clean energy push, a whole new kind of energy is about to rule the next decade or more.

And select investors are poised to amass fortunes once again.

In this special report I’ll show you how you could potentially be one of them.

The Real Cost of Clean Energy

We’ve been dependent on fossil fuels for over 200-years. This coincides with the greatest period of wealth creation in human history.

Despite what the mainstream media wants you to believe: things keep getting better.
The numbers are clear.

Infant mortality has plummeted:

Figure 1 – Global Child Mortality Rate; Source:  ourworldindata.org

Extreme poverty has been nearly eradicated:

Figure 2 – Population living in extreme poverty; Source:  ourworldindata.org

The more energy a country has, the longer its citizens live:

Figure 3 – Life expectancy vs. energy consumption; Source:  Forbes

Our society is built on cheap, easily transportable energy.

And we have always moved up the energy efficiency hierarchy, to increasingly more dense and efficient
forms of fuel.

From wood to coal. Coal to oil. And oil to uranium.

But that’s all about to change.

Because the global powers that be have decided to prioritize clean energy over cheap and efficient energy.

That means that for the first time in history we are moving toward less efficient, more expensive forms of power generation (solar, wind, etc.).

This will be costly on a scale never before seen.

It will likely be the greatest driver of inflation in human history.

Let me repeat that: This will likely be the greatest driver of inflation in human history.


Because, if the cost of energy increases, which it will, the cost of EVERYTHING goes up.

Food? Homes? Cars? iPads?

It’s all going to cost more.

Because higher energy costs mean everything will be more expensive to make.

Billions of people will see their budgets stretched and quality of life decreased.

This will create a man-made crisis the likes of which we have never seen.

Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste

The true cost of the clean energy revolution, like all revolutions, is crisis.

But, as Winston Churchill said, never let a good crisis go to waste.

Because there will be winners in the new energy revolution.

Big winners.

I believe the next generation of energy barons will dwarf the tech nerds, and the clean energy revolution will birth the world’s first trillionaires.

And NOW is the time to position yourself to profit.

Because the first wave of wins has already begun.

For example, in 2019 I invested, alongside many of my readers at Resource Insider, in a clean energy play…a uranium exploration company called NexGen Energy.

We got in at $1.33 per share.

As I write this, that stock is trading over $5.00 per share1.

That’s over a 270% increase in just two years.

These results aren’t typical – every successful trade requires a combination of luck timing, and research. But they are out there if you know where to look (and I do, as I’ll show you in a minute).

Investors who can read the signs and make the right decisions today could make life changing returns.

The World as It Is

Our job as investors is to evaluate what is true, not what we wish were true, then invest money accordingly.

So it doesn’t matter if you believe in global warming.

It doesn’t matter if you think transitioning to green energy is the right thing to do.

All that matters is that IT IS HAPPENING NOW.

A flood of money is starting to pour into the explosive “new energy” sector.

In this report I’m going to tell you where my research indicates the biggest profits will be made.

I’ll show you two stocks that you can buy right now, that I believe stand to benefit immensely from the coming energy revolution.

Most importantly, I’ll tell you why I’m about to make a major investment into Future Energy Assets, an asset class that I believe will skyrocket in value.

And I’ll share how you can, too.

Follow the Money

Tens of trillions of dollars are fleeing fossil fuels:

This year, major organizations have announced their plan to divest from fossil fuels:

This is happening now.

And I believe it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Where is All that Money Going?

At the same time, an avalanche of money is flowing into clean energy initiatives.

In 2018, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned the world about the catastrophic danger of a 1.5° average global Celsius temperature rise2.

Climate scientists consider a 1.5-2° C temperature increase to be the tipping point into a danger zone of irreversible impacts3.

So the global elite have one goal in mind: Eliminating greenhouse gases and keeping global
temperature rise below 1.5° Celsius.

Achieving this will require a huge shift in energy production.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) claims that by 2035, all vehicles should be electric.

Their plan calls for the scaling up renewable energy technologies such as solar and wind power. Not to mention beefing up an already faltering power grid.

You may have heard some of this already, but there is a takeaway almost everyone has missed:

“The total market size of critical minerals like copper, cobalt, manganese, and various rare earth metals grows almost sevenfold between 2020 and 2030… This creates substantial new opportunities for mining companies.”4

That’s right, demand for “energy metals” is expected to grow 600% from green initiatives alone.

But this is just the beginning. Make no mistake…today the world’s most powerful governments are colluding to enact the clean energy agenda.

And the world’s biggest economy is leading the charge.

New Administration, New Priorities

On his first day as President of the United States, Joe Biden rejoined the Paris Agreement, setting a course for the U.S. to tackle the climate crisis.

His plan dovetails with the IEA target to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 20505.

Here are a few highlights:

And this is just the United States… the energy revolution is global.

The Energy Revolution Will
Create Massive Commodity Demand

The World Bank Group7, predicted that the production of minerals such as graphite, lithium, and cobalt could increase by over 450% by 2050, to meet the escalating demand for clean energy technologies.

They estimate over 3 billion tons of minerals and metals will be required to deploy the necessary wind, solar and geothermal power, as well as energy storage8.

Global demand will be enormous and very few of the world’s politicians, leaders, and investors have truly grasped the scale, and cost, of this revolution.

Before I tell you exactly how I intend to profit from the new energy revolution, I should introduce myself.

Let Me Introduce Myself…

My name is Jamie Keech.

I’ve spent my career making money in commodities. Today I find, build, and finance the world’s best natural resource and new energy companies.

But I started by working in the dirt…

After completing a master’s degree in engineering, I worked on mineral exploration and development projects around the world.

I’ve lived in Mongolia building coal mines, traveled to Albania to explore for copper, bought a gold mine in Brazil, and backpacked through Myanmar in search of blood red rubies.

Along the way, I’ve met some of the wealthiest, most successful investors and entrepreneurs in the resource sector. They all have one thing in common…

Everyone who’s made serious money in this game got into the right deals early and took advantage of major economic swings (like the one now beginning in energy).

It doesn’t matter if it’s gold, copper, oil, or lumber, the story is always the same…

When money flows into the resource sector, smart investors that get into the right deals first can make money. Sometimes a lot of money.

So that’s where I decided to focus my own capital.

Now let me be clear…I’m NOT investing in the big, widely-held names you might know.

I didn’t get into this to make 2-5% returns buying blue chip companies on the major stock exchanges.

I’m looking for the 5-10X returns possible with startup companies.

And I’ve made it my mission to help everyday investors find the best opportunities in the natural resource sector.

I get to see world class deals thanks to an extensive network I’ve built. This includes some of the world’s best geologists, accountants, investment bankers and CEO’s. Pros that I can get on the phone at a moment’s notice — leaders have launched and built great companies.

I get my boots dirty on extensive site visits, review technical reports, evaluate management teams, and conduct financial analysis (In fact as I write this, I’m in Sinaloa Mexico checking out a silver mine).

I use the experience that I’ve developed in the field and the boardroom to find undervalued resource companies poised for growth and bring them to investors like you.

More on this later…

First, I want to tell you how I’m positioning my money right now, so I can protect my capital and benefit from the massive shift to clean energy.

Here’s How I’m Playing It

Fact: Metals, liquids and gases will power the world for the next 200-years.

And I’m not just talking about electric vehicles or nuclear power. Crypto? Marijuana? NTFs? They all require a lot of energy.

I expect that a select group of elements on the periodic table will be hit by a tsunami of capital. It’s already starting.

Investors with the right exposure to these commodities, at the right time, have a chance at creating generational wealth.

To achieve this, I believe investors need exposure to 3-things:

Let me explain what these are, and give you the names of a few stocks you can buy right now to
play them.

1) High Impact Elements

Lithium, silver and graphite are examples “high-impact” elements9 that are critical for the energy revolution.

These minerals are used primarily for energy storage.

And demand for lithium and graphite is expected to be so great that current global production will need to increase by nearly 500% before 205010.

We’ve only just begun the energy transition and lithium prices are already hitting all-time highs.

We’ve only just begun the energy transition and lithium prices are already hitting all-time highs.

Bloomberg reports that 13 countries have plans to phase out the sales of gas-powered vehicles11. By 2040, over 50% of all new passenger vehicles sold could be electric powered. That’s a lot of Lithium-Ion batteries.

2) Deep Value Metals

Deep value metals are the building blocks of society. They’re necessary for a wide range of energy generation and storage technologies.

Copper and nickel are two of the best examples. But there are plenty more and many are approaching all-time highs.

Copper is the cornerstone of the global economy. The medium by which nearly all electricity gets transported. Plus, it’s a key component of solar, wind and battery technology12.

As the world moves from hydrocarbon to electrical energy, demand for copper is expected to increase dramatically.

We’ll need to rebuild our electrical system at a new scale to meet global demand.

That means copper.

According to Gianni Kovacevic, CEO of CopperBank Resources, we will need more copper in the next 20 years than we’ve used in the last 130 years13.

As we continue the trend of electrification, we’ll see copper consumption skyrocket.

In the 1960’s a Ford Mustang contained about 40lbs of copper. Today, a Toyota Prius hybrid contains roughly 100lbs of copper. New EVs contain up to 250lbs of copper.

I’ll tell you the name of my #1 Deep Value Metals play in just a minute, but first let’s look at the opportunity I’m most excited about right now…

2) Future Energy Assets

Reality check: The world will NOT be powered solely by wind farms and solar panels.

There are too many places on the planet where the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow.

Europe is now a cautionary tale of how wrong this can go. Despite a bold push into green energy, Germany has been forced to maximize their coal fire power plants after their extensive wind and solar infrastructure underperformed.

And energy prices skyrocketed after the wind stopped blowing.

If society is serious about transitioning to a clean energy future, we’ll need a lot of human ingenuity and several key elements.

I call these elements Future Energy Assets.

They include green hydrogen, uranium, and carbon credits.

And they will be the backbone of the new energy infrastructure.

Two Stocks You Can Buy Today

So let’s talk about how investors can play the explosive demand for these three kinds of assets: High-Impact Elements, Deep Value Metals and Future Energy Assets.

Vizsla Silver (VZLA.V) is my top pick to play High-Impact Elements and, I believe, one of the best ways to play silver today.

The team that runs Vizsla Silver has delivered year after year and have made a massive discovery in Mexico.

Since we invested in November 2019, the stock has soared 730%14. And I think it’s just getting started.

Most investors have no idea that over 50% of global silver supply goes to industrial uses.

Now, industrial demand for silver is being amplified by its use in solar panels and battery technology.

In my opinion Vizsla is a must own for anyone who understands this and is trying to find the best way to add silver exposure to their portfolio.

The Best Performing Stock in My Portfolio…

My top pick for exposure to Deep-Value Metals is Meridian Mining (MNO.V).

Meridian Mining has been one of the best performing stocks in my portfolio this year.

The stock is up 470% in just 10 months15.

And the company may be in the early stages of a major copper-gold discovery in Brazil.

Few investments create shareholder value the way a major copper-gold discovery can.

It’s hard to find great teams in the exploration space and Meridian has consistently proven it is led by one of the most competent and capable teams in the sector.

They’ve managed to transform the company from unknown explorer to one of the hottest copper/gold stocks in the space. They’ve grown the known copper/gold deposit in both scale and value, and I believe this stock has a lot of upside from here.

Vizsla Silver and Meridian Mining are those rare mining exploration companies where the asset seems very likely to become a mine, and potentially a world class one.

These are stocks that I feel comfortable holding and letting the excellent management teams methodically unlock the incredible value of the assets.

How Insiders are Investing

So that leaves Future Energy Assets—one of the most exciting opportunities for the next decade.

There are two commodities in this category that almost every mainstream investor has missed – green hydrogen and carbon offset credits.


In the last year alone over 1,000 major companies have signed agreements pledging to achieve net zero carbon emission.

But here’s the catch: It’s impossible for most of these companies to completely cut their greenhouse gas emissions.

The only way for them to reach “net zero” is to offset emissions by buying carbon offset credits.

Carbon offset credits are created by actively reducing or avoiding the generation of carbon – the most common approach is protecting forests or planting trees.

Here’s how it works: If your business produces 100 tons of carbon emissions per year, purchase 100-offset credits. You are now a “net zero” emitter.

The problem is that the world’s biggest corporations, hedge funds, and institutions have woken up to the fact that they won’t be able to operate in the new energy economy without achieving carbon neutrality.

So, they are buying credits as fast as they can, and the price has gone up – way up.

Today there is almost no way for normal investors to invest in carbon. As usual, regular investors have been pushed out by the pointy shoed crowd on Wall Street.

But fortunately, I saw the writing on the wall over a year ago. Since that time, I’ve been working with a group of the world’s preeminent carbon experts to answer the question: How do we profit from the world’s race to net zero?

I believe that I’ve found the answer.

I call it Project Carbon, and I’m going to be sharing it with our readers any day now.

In a minute, I’ll tell you how you can add your name to our VIP list that will hear about this exciting deal the minute I go public with the details.

But that’s just the start, because carbon credits may help us offset greenhouse gas emissions, but they don’t solve the emission problem. That’s where, what I believe will be one of the most important elements of the next decade comes in…

Green Hydrogen

Hydrogen is the only truly green energy we have available. It’s safe, transportable, and burns emissions free.

Most importantly for investors like you and I, the world’s biggest energy companies – Exxon, Total, BP — are desperate to get their hands on green hydrogen deals.

Europe, Japan, and other global powers have committed hundreds of billions of dollars to develop this new sector.

The catch is: There are only a few spots on the planet where green hydrogen can be economically produced.

Fortunately, I believe that I’ve found one.

And I plan on bringing this rare deal to my readers in the coming weeks.

Which brings me back to Resource Insider…

What Is Resource Insider?

Resource Insider is an independent research firm for savvy investors looking to make 2-10X potential returns in the natural resource sector.

I started this service to give an elite group of accredited investors the information to participate in private placement deals in the natural resource space that most people never have access to.

And I’m proud to say over the last few years we’ve done just that.

I’ve already told you about our 730% gain in Vizsla Silver and our 470% gain so far in Meridian Mining16.

Those are just two of our holdings. The Resource Insider portfolio is up over 130% since our inception in 201817.

Members that invested $5,000 in the 30 deals we’ve covered at Resource Insider are up nearly $200,00018.

This includes every deal we’ve ever done. Both winners and a few losers.

With results like this, you see why our members say things like this:

“I’ve had many successes in life because I’ve always surrounded myself with people of high-integrity. The RI team has this in spades, along with being very smart, hard-working and seeing market potentials well ahead of the masses. Jamie and Nick invest their money with their subscribers; that’s being in alignment” – Bill C

And this:

“I am very impressed by the job Resource Insider has done. While I have a few ‘other’ private placements in an array of industries, Resource Insider is the only known service where Jamie and Nick present a logical macro view of investing in a particular sector by demonstrating in-depth knowledge, performing rigorous research, assessing management experience, and validating potential investments using an extensive network of inside contacts to cherry pick the best opportunities in the space. Their approach is systematic and well thought out. As such, the results are tremendous. By far, much better than anything else out there….” – Lee H

Now before I tell you more about the service and how to get your name on the list to learn about our upcoming carbon credit and hydrogen deals, I do want to be clear that Resource Insider is not for everyone…

This Might Not Be for You…

To participate in these private placement deals, you must be an accredited investor. Definitions of an accredited investor vary around the world, but in the USA this typically means you either:

1. Have an earned income over $200,000 (or $300,000 with a spouse) in each of the prior two years, with an expectation to earn the same this year,


2. Have a net worth over $1 million, either alone or together with a spouse (excluding the value of your primary residence).

If that’s you, then congratulations! You are able to participate in private placement deals that 90% of investors are locked out of.

Get Exclusive Access to Private Deals

Resource Insider is not a typical investment newsletter. We don’t “pick stocks.” We bring you access to world class deals thanks to the extensive network I’ve built throughout my career.

That means investing in private pre-IPO companies and investing in companies already listed on stock exchanged through private investments in public equities (“PIPEs”).

These are deals that few investors ever get access to. But, if you know what you’re doing, they are easy to do and give investors access to opportunities they’d never see buying stocks on the market.

Here’s what one of our members, Gary, had to say about this:

“I have invested in ten different opportunities that I would have had no clue about, nor the access to even be considered for as a potential investor. The RI service enables me to have exposure to investments that have been chosen with sophistication and care.”

Resource Insider is about becoming a member of an exclusive deal research service. One where I personally scour the globe searching for the best natural resource investments. Then, I cover only the deals I’m investing my own money in to Members.

And by the way, we never take finders fees or commissions from the companies our members invest in. We do this to ensure I’m aligned with our members, and bringing them the best opportunities I can find.

How Does It Work?

Here’s how Resource Insider works…

Step 1: We find world-class private deals.

My team and I spend 100% of our time searching out and vetting investment opportunities we believe have the potential for 2X to 10X returns (or greater).

We find about 6-8 investment opportunities like this per year and bring them to our members.

And I always invest my own capital alongside members in every deal. I believe in having skin in the game on every opportunity I show to readers.

Step 2: We share all our research with members.

We provide extensive research on every deal, including site visits, extensive research and financial analysis, exclusive interviews with management and more.

Then you decide how much (or how little) you want to invest. Members typically invest anywhere from $2,000 to $100,000+, per deal.

We focus on finding deals that are listed on public stock exchanges or soon to be listed. I don’t want to have my money locked up in private companies for years – being able to sell our stock and realize gains is the top priority.

You can invest in every deal we bring you, or just a few. It’s your choice.

And we’re here for you to answer any questions along the way. That means walking members step-by-step through how to participate in a deal, recommending brokerage firms, and providing guidance.

Step 3: We follow each deal from purchase to sale.

We’ll bring you regular updates on what the company is doing, new developments, and most importantly tell you before we sell stock.

The choices you make over the next few months
could impact your finances for decades to come.

The smartest money managers on the planet are strategically investing capital intending to make a fortune from the new clean energy revolution.

So is Resource Insider.

Over the next few months, I plan on announcing two deals–the Carbon Credits and Green Hydrogen opportunities that I mentioned earlier.

I believe they could be two of the most important investments of my career…

And could give investors a chance to create truly life-changing wealth.

Future Energy Asset commodities are desperately needed in the new energy paradigm, but there are very few ways the average invest or can invest in them… except Resource Insider members.

That’s why I invite you to join us.

Just click here for all the details.

Many of the wealthiest and most successful investors make their money in exactly these types of plays.

If this is something you’re interested in, use the link below to find out how you can join our community and learn to invest in on our next opportunity.

I look forward to welcoming you as a Resource Insider member soon!


Jamie Keech

CIO & Editor, Resource Insider


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