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  3. How to work with the top performing teams of resource entrepreneurs; 

  4. How to access the hottest most exclusive deals on the market; and

  5.  How to easily sell your stock and lock in returns.

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Presented by:

Jamie Keech, Professional Investor

  • Resource Insider – Founder, Chief Investment Officer & Editor
  • Inventa Capital – Partner
  • Mining Engineer (B. Eng, MSc.)

Project Black Sheep

Key Takeaways

  1. Cheap Valuation. I’m getting into this deal at a great price. 

  2. Upside. This project has significant upside potential with plenty of exploration targets and a clear path towards resource expansion.

  3. Management. The team behind this project comes from some of the most respected and successful companies in the mining industry: the Lundin Group & Teck Resources. Chairman William Lamb, previously CEO of Lucara Diamonds, has a track record of creating value for shareholders.

Good Price?

Well… take a look. The chart below compares the Enterprise Value of several copper projects per pound of known Cu in the ground.

Part of the reason I’m investing here is that I expect to see Project Black Sheep increase in value as the team:

  • Finalizes acquisition of the asset;
  • Progresses work on the ground (permitting, exploration, etc.);
  • Lists the company; and
  • Begins drilling.

Project Road House

I’m investing in this deal for similar reasons as Project Black Sheep. If you’ve watched my webinar and understand my investment process, this should come as no surprise to you. Every good investor needs a repeatable process.

Key Takeaways

  1. Price. When I have an opportunity to invest alongside industry leaders in one of the hottest jurisdictions at a great valuation – I take it.

  2. Upside. I see serious geological potential, with a clear path to significantly increasing historic gold resources through exploration.

  3. Management. The team behind this project are some of the best mine finders of the last 20 years. The CEO and Executive Chairman have helped create billions of dollars in shareholder value.

Investors are already lined up out the proverbial door to get into these deals. But it’s going to be competitive…

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Jamie Keech

CIO & Editor; Resource Insider