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Dear Opportunity Seeker,

My name is Jamie Keech – I’m a venture capitalist in the natural resources sector.

And I’m about to stake my biggest investment ever on an invisible asset most investors have never heard of.

Because I have reason to believe it has 33,233% upside potential and could propel the tiny, little-known company I’m investing into a multi-billion dollar juggernaut.

And in this brief letter – I’m going to give you all the details about this opportunity and show you how you can get in on it, too.

Now, I’m not talking about any kind of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

Yes, Bitcoin is also a brand-new asset the world has never seen before. And one that exploded more than 65,000% over the last few years alone.

But my research shows early investors into this “invisible asset” could see even bigger gains.

Because unlike cryptocurrency – which could still go the way of other overblown fads like Beanie Babies or Tulip Mania – this invisible asset has the backing of nearly every major Government on Earth.

From President Biden to “President For Life” Xi Jinping to the entire European Union plus 191 other countries – every single one of them is converging on this single asset.

Just recently, these world leaders agreed on a brand-new “international market” for this asset and established the rules that will govern it.

Now they’re teaming up with private companies and imposing new legislation that would practically require the largest corporations on Earth to start investing BILLIONS  a year into this new asset (whether they like it or not).

In fact, 18 of the world’s major oil companies have already pledged to collectively buy up to 3.3 BILLION metric tons of this asset every single year.

Chevron recently bought $230 Million Dollars’ worth.
Colorado shale driller Civatas Resources had to accumulate 1 MILLION tons of this invisible asset…
Google purchased 12.5 million tons and that’s just the start.

Nestle bought 113.1 million tons and is planning on loading up on even more.

Amazon has already purchased 44.4 million tons.

Microsoft said they expect to buy 2 million tons A YEAR starting in 2021 and increase their buying to 6 million a year by 2030.

JP Morgan Chase has already scooped up over 500,000 tons…

Salesforce purchased over 1 million tons…

Disney bought 2.5 million tons…

Delta snapped up 7.8 million tons…

Now PG&E, Shell, Unilever, Cemex, and thousands of other multi-national corporations are jumping on board as well.

That’s why NBC News recently wrote…

They write, “It’s a hot market, hitting all-time highs in volume.”

But that’s just the start.

In fact, the International Finance Task Force…

The Institute of Finance…

Former Governor of The Bank of England Mark Carney…

… and many more agree that this new asset could be worth between
$100 BILLION by 2050.

Up from just $300 MILLION in 2018.
There’s just one little problem…

There isn’t nearly enough of this asset to go around – which is causing the  price of this asset to rise faster than anybody could have anticipated.

In fact, it’s up 354% since April 2021 alone! And the crazy thing is, this is just the beginning.
Now, if you haven’t heard of this asset, which I call “C6 Credits,” I don’t blame you.

Barely anybody has.

And that’s what makes this opportunity so special.

While the prices of Bitcoin, commodities, and real estate are skyrocketing…

And all the talking heads on the financial news networks are discussing the latest SPAC, “tech startup”, or “meme stock”…

THIS opportunity has been flying under the radar...for now.

But there is NO way this can stay a secret for long.

Great opportunities never do.

And by the time the big Wall Street institutions start flooding this sector with a tsunami of cash and Jim Cramer starts screaming about it on Mad Money

Or your buddy at the Country Club starts talking about how he just bought a few shares…

Or Time magazine puts it on their cover as the “next big investment opportunity”…

Well – by then it’ll be too late.

All the BIG money will likely have been made by the earliest investors.

I’m not talking about people who buy a C6 Credits company the public stock market either.

I’m talking about the folks who invest in C6 Credits companies BEFORE they are available to the general public.

And here’s the good news – that’s the exact opportunity you have today.

Right now, as Harvard Business Review notes – C6 Credits could grow to over 5% of the ENTIRE world’s economy even though it’s less than a fraction of a percent right now.

That means, for those who get in now before the rest of the market catches on, you have a TRUE first mover advantage.

This could be like buying shares of Amazon before they went public. Or Facebook or Netflix.

It’s like getting in on the oil boom right before Henry Ford started rolling out Model Ts and the world truly transitioned into the “Oil Age.”

In other words, an opportunity that only comes along once in a generation.

In just a moment I’m going to show you what C6 Credits are and how they work.

You’ll also see the details of the company I’m investing in (which my exhaustive research shows could be worth billions) and how you can get in on the same opportunity.

But first, let me very quickly introduce myself…
My Name Is Jamie Keech
I’ve spent my career making money in one thing – commodities.

I started out working in the dirt as a mining engineer with undergraduate and master’s degrees in engineering from two of the top-ranked institutions in the world.

I’ve worked on mineral exploration and development projects in some of the most remote regions on the planet.

I’ve lived in Mongolia building coal mines, traveled to Albania to explore for copper, bought a gold mine in Brazil, and backpacked through Myanmar in search of blood red rubies.

Along the way, I’ve had the privilege of meeting some of the wealthiest, most successful investors and entrepreneurs in the commodity sector.

And after YEARS of crawling through the dirt (which I still enjoy – don’t get me wrong)…

I realized that all the most successful people I knew had one important thing in common…

They found early-stage companies with world-class teams and invested in them before they EXPLODED in value.

I met and apprenticed under wealthy investors who have built their entire careers (and fortunes) by implementing this single, proven strategy.

And I watched in awe as they bagged themselves 2 – 20x returns over and over again.

Which is a heck of a lot better than the average 8-10% returns you might get with blue-chip companies on the public stock market, if you ask me.

That’s why I started my own investment research firm Resource Insider.

You see – I find the BEST private deals out there in early-stage companies. Deals that I believe have the potential to make 10x my money or more.

These are companies that are usually not trading publicly.

In fact, almost nobody ever talks about them or knows about them.

It’s a small sandbox where only the truly, ultra-wealthy, most connected elite of the world get to play in.

These are opportunities that “regular” investors simply have no access to. Which is a shame – because in my opinion, it’s the best way to get truly rich.

Because by the time a company goes public, the real wealth has already been made by the people who invested in private shares behind the scenes.

The scraps are leftover for the public when it debuts on the Nasdaq or New York Stock Exchange.

But now, with Resource Insider, investors just like you have a window into this world, without having to develop all the ‘elite’ connections people like me have spent decades building.

That’s because I share the private deals my team and I are getting in on with our members.

And I show you how you, too, can get in on these same behind-the-scenes private deals.

And so far, we’ve racked up an AMAZING portfolio of wins that you could have had the opportunity to invest in as well.
A History Of BIG Wins That Are Almost Impossible To Find Anywhere Else
Take Kingfisher Metals Corp. as an example.

I put together a private placement deal with this early-stage copper and gold exploration company over midnight beers at a Vancouver resource investment conference back in 2019.

After doing my due diligence on this project, I knew it was something special.

In fact, here I am on-site talking with Charlie Greig – advisor and “wise old wizard” to Kingfisher Metals. He’s one of the most successful and respected geologists in Canada.

He even won the prestigious Prospector of The Year Award. I knew when I saw Charlie on their team – this was going to be BIG.

Members of Resource Insider had the opportunity to invest in this company for only $0.05 per share.  

After Kingfisher listed on a public stock exchange, the share price hit more than $0.50 per shares – a 10x return for investors!

Then there’s Alpha Lithium Corp.

One of my long-time friends and collaborators in the mining finance industry approached me about it and said they were looking for financing for an exciting new lithium project in Argentina.

I told my Resource Insider group about the deal. We all had the opportunity to get in once at +25% below the publicly traded market price and then again at 50% below.

Those who participated in the deal are seeing as much as 620% gains.
Or there’s Meridian Mining.

The Executive Chairman of this company approached me about helping to finance their new copper and gold project in Brazil.

As a mining engineer with an extensive background in geology, I knew this project had enormous upside the moment I laid my eyes on it.

Again, I was able to strike a private deal and I shared the details with members of Resource Insider who had the opportunity to get in at 13% below the publicly traded market price.

Over just the last few months alone, those who chose to invest are up as much as 930%.
Then there’s Vizsla Silver Corp.

Members of Resource Insider had the opportunity to invest alongside me at a 9% discount.

And now those who invested are up over 650%!
Honestly, I could go on and on about all the amazing private deals we’ve been able to be involved in over the last three years alone.

These are some of our best performers, not every investment has been a winner, and all investments carry the risk that investors could lose their invested capital. But we’ve built a strong portfolio that has performed extremely well.

Our track record shows that if you invested an equal amount of money into every deal we’ve ever shared – you’d have an average 124% gain as I write this.
But here’s the thing – all these amazing returns pale in comparison to what I believe is possible with the deal I just put together around C6 Credits – a deal that
I believe will be the biggest one we’ve done so far.

In fact – I’ve never seen this much interest in an opportunity with this much upside in the last 30 deals I’ve done.

As you’re about to see, it has the power to be the next 5x…10x…or 20x opportunity.

One of those rare opportunities that has the ability to turn even a tiny grubstake into a small fortune.

And it truly is a “right place, right time” situation.

Once you see how it works and what’s possible with this little-known asset – I believe you’ll be dying to know how to get on board.

In fact – the flood of capital rushing into this never-before-seen market is literally by designmanufactured by the world’s most powerful Governments and multi-billionaire elite.

It promises to be the most important story of the next century, and YOU can be one of the few who get in right at the start…
Welcome To The New Energy Revolution – Brought To You By C6 Credits
As I write this, the billionaire elites, the largest corporations in history, and the most powerful politicians in the world are going ALL IN on C-6 Credits.

In fact, these billionaires and political elite have been scheming, maneuvering, and planning a global market for this asset for decades.

They’ve been setting up the infrastructure, putting the laws in place, and creating the framework for what will be one of the largest shifts in capital and re-allocation of funds that has ever been seen in history.

And after decades of deliberation, negotiation, and careful planning – they’ve finally put their blueprint into action.

In fact, one of the key negotiators who has been working on this plan for over a decade, recently announced…

Today’s agreement… provides the rules necessary for a robust, transparent, and accountable [C6 Credit] market.”

The day she’s referring to is one that will go down in history – Friday, November 12th, 2021.

The day the UN Climate Change Conference – also called “COP26” – concluded in Glasgow, Scotland.

The day 120 world leaders, over 20,000 delegates, 197 states, and the world’s richest billionaires like Bill Gates all agreed to start buying up MASSIVE amounts of an invisible commodity.

So, what exactly are these “C6 Credits”, why are the world’s most powerful people and biggest corporations buying them up in bulk…

And most importantly how can you potentially make a small fortune from them?

Let’s look at COP26 itself for a clue.
How The Elite Buy Millions of Dollars’ Worth of C6 Credits To Pollute Their Way To Net-Zero
When billionaires, politicians and tech wizards attended COP26 in Glasgow, they flew in on private jets.

In fact, over 400 private jets flew in for the conference.
MailOnline reported,

Conservative predictions suggest the fleet of private jets arriving for Cop26 will blast out 13,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide in total – equivalent to the amount consumed by more than 1,600 Britons in a year.

It’s estimated that these private jets produce more pollution than commercial planes, cars, or trains – typically releasing up to two tons of carbon dioxide every hour.

And as soon as these wealthy elites arrived, they sat down to a lavish banquet complete with premium, gourmet beef dishes and exotic cheeses from around the world.

After that, UK’s Boris Johnson got up in front of the audience and began his speech.

He said, humans are…

“Quilting the earth in an invisible and suffocating blanket of CO2, raising the temperature of the planet with a speed and abruptness that is entirely man-made.’”

One of the solutions – he proposed – comes from Chief Scientific Adviser to the UK Government Patrick Vallance who said the best way to tackle the climate crisis is with “behavioral changes” such as…

Flying less and consuming less meat.

No, this isn’t some satirical “bit” from an up-and-coming comedian.

And even though it sounds like it – I swear I’m not making this up.

This ACTUALLY happened.

Of course, it begs the question – how can it be possible for these leaders to fly to a UN Climate Change conference in a way that produces the maximum pollution possible….

And then eat food that has the highest “carbon footprint” there is.

All while saying that – in order to solve the climate crisis and achieve the coordinated goal of limiting global warming to under 1.5 to 2 degrees Celsius – people need to fly less and eat less meat.

And doing it with a straight face and not a shred of irony?

The answer to that perplexing question is exactly where all the opportunity lies.

You see, when Bill Gates flies into a conference like COP26 on a private jet, or sails there on a private yacht, or hovers there in a private helicopter…

He “counteracts” every 1 ton of carbon he emits, by purchasing a “C6 Credit.”

According to his 2021 Book How To Avoid A Climate Disaster, he balances every emission by “Buying [C6 credits] through a company that runs a facility that removes carbon dioxide from the air.”

In other words, every time Bill Gates releases 1 ton of carbon into the air, he purchases one “C6 Credit.”

The money from that C6 Credit goes towards a project that captures, absorbs or reduces 1 ton of carbon – for example by planting trees.

Therefore, Bill Gates – according to him – didn’t actually contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.

Because he offset every 1 ton of carbon emitted by contributing toward a project that will absorb that one ton of carbon.

He “neutralized” his pollution and reached what is known as “net zero.”

Jeff Bezos does the same thing through his Bezos Earth Fund.

He “Offsets all carbon emission from his flights” according to a spokesperson for the organization, by buying C6 Credits, commonly known as a “Carbon Offset Credit.”

Each credit represents 1 ton of carbon.

And this has created an entirely new kind of market that has never existed on this scale in human history.
It’s called the Voluntary Carbon Offset Market.

And it has created a brand-new kind of business model that’s raking in cash almost on autopilot.

What’s the new business?

Capturing carbon.

For example – take the Sealaska Corporation.

Sealaska is a forest landowner, which runs a business in Southeast Alaska for the benefit of 22,000 shareholders of Native Alaskan descent.

For the last 40 years, a large chunk of their revenue came from timber sales.

However, due to growing environmentally friendly business regulations that are sweeping the globe, they committed to reducing the harvesting of trees on their 165,000 acres.

But if they do that, they lose money for themselves and their shareholders, right?

Well that’s where “Carbon Offset Credits” come in…

They were able to create a whole new income stream by conserving their land and reducing deforestation.

That effort generated 9.3 MILLION Carbon Offset Credits.

They then sold those Carbon Credits to oil giant BP for more than $100 million.

In other words…

BP needed to buy 9.3 million carbon credits to offset 9.3 million tons of carbon pollution.

Sealaska Corporation essentially stopped cutting down trees on a significant portion of their land, which was estimated to capture or “offset” 9.3 million tons of
carbon pollution.

Hence the new commodity “Carbon Offset Credits.”

Then they sold those carbon credits to BP for $100 million.

So BP Oil can say they are doing their part to reduce global pollution and meet increasingly stringent green energy regulation.

And Sealaska gets to profit to the tune of HUNDREDS of millions of dollars or more per year because of it – for growing more trees, maintaining the land responsibly, and funding outreach programs for indigenous people.

In other words – conserving and managing land is about to become one of the most profitable businesses in the world.
There Aren’t Enough C6 Credits to Keep Up With Demand…
Which Is Pushing Prices SKY HIGH
This creates a whole new kind of supply-and-demand dynamic that has never existed before.

One C6 Carbon Credit offsets one ton of carbon pollution.

And there are simply more companies polluting than there are credits available to offset that pollution.

It takes real time, capital, and “sweat equity” to create a project that is approved to generate carbon offset credits, which the business can then sell to the carbon emitting companies that need them.

And right now, you could plant a tree on every street corner on the planet and it still probably wouldn’t be enough to meet the soaring demand for these carbon offsets.

Increasing demand and a limited supply is literally the recipe for higher commodity prices.

But there’s also a political component at play…

With world Governments agreeing to create new “green friendly” legislation, they’re effectively CREATING demand for these credits, which is fueling the feeding frenzy.

This means that as long as they keep emitting greenhouse gas, companies will need to keep purchasing these carbon credits to meet their net-zero commitments no matter how high the price goes.

That is unlike anything we’ve seen before.

Typically, if the cost of a commodity becomes too expensive, a company can simply switch over to a cheaper element.

For example, car companies sometimes switch between palladium and platinum for use in various components like catalytic converters depending on metal prices.

If platinum prices get too high, they can switch to palladium.

This creates cycles of supply and demand.
But there is no alternative for C6 Carbon Credits.

With over 1,000 large companies that have signed carbon reduction initiatives in the last year alone, they’ll need to keep buying them to meet their commitments no matter the price.

And as you can see in the chart below the price is already rising steadily, but this is only the beginning.
Not all carbon offsets are created equally.

You can see that nature based carbon offsets (in blue) receive a premium over non-nature based carbon offsets (in red).
So Who Are the Winners and Losers in this Massive Shift?
The rush to net-zero and rapidly rising carbon offset prices is going to create two BIG losers….and one extraordinary winner.

The biggest loser is going to be the companies that must pollute in order to operate.

For example airlines, oil & gas companies, cement manufacturers, shipping companies, and more.

They’re going to take large hits to their bottom line as they have to continue buying carbon credits that become ever more expensive.

The second big loser is going to be consumers.

Because these companies are going to have to pass on these increased costs to their end users – you and me.

Think about it – the price of carbon is going to start finding its way into everything.

Every company along every stage of the supply chain that makes every product you buy will have to begin paying for carbon offsets that are likely going  to go up in price every year (up 354% this year alone).

This is going to increase the cost of just about everything, because businesses will need to offset carbon cost by raising the prices of their products, services, and offerings.

This could cause some of the worse inflation we’ve ever seen.

But just like those billionaires “offsetting” their pollution, you and I have the opportunity to “offset” these rising prices.

Because – as with anything – if there is a loser, there’s probably a winner as well.

I believe, the winners are going to be the new businesses created to develop carbon offset credits…

And the smart investors who invest in them early.

Let me share some numbers that will prove it to you…
It All Boils Down To Some Simple Math
Collectively, throughout the world today we emit about 50 BILLION tons of Co2 per year.
Because each ton of carbon emissions is the same as 1 Carbon Offset Credit, that essentially comes out to 50 billion carbon offset credits every year.

Now, let’s be conservative and say that by some miracle, 80% of this pollution can be quickly eliminated through technological changes.

For example, over the next few years big corporations starts running their operations in a more environmentally friendly way.

Everyone starts driving electric vehicles and getting their energy from solar panels and wind farms.

New technology emerges to make this all easier and even less expensive – and this grand “green vision” unfolds without a hitch.

That’s highly unlikely – but let’s just assume everything goes right.

Even so – that leaves about 20% of existing pollution to be dealt with that’s not going away.

That’s because there are some products and services we need that MUST create pollution.  

Consider cement for example.

Every year around the world, about 30 billion tons of cement is created.

It’s necessary because every town and city is built off the stuff.
In fact, many green initiatives are pushing for more affordable housing projects that involve quickly 3-D printing homes.

But these 3-D printed homes are made almost entirely out of cement.

And cement is responsible for 8% of global carbon emissions and more than half of that comes from the actual chemical process of creating it.

Then there’s large international freighter ships. They are absolutely critical for international trade and there is no known alternative right now.

But the 15 largest “super freighters” alone burn what’s called “heavy fuel oil” at sea, which spews more pollutants into the atmosphere than all the cars currently on the planet.
So even if we’re able to eliminate 80% of the world’s current 50 billion per-year carbon emissions through technological advances, there would still be 10 billion tons of carbon emissions every year.

And because of new green policies, these companies will be required to “offset” their pollution by buying 10 BILLION carbon offset credits annually.

So even in an extremely conservative scenario, about 10 billion carbon credits will need to be purchased every year.

Yet right now – there are only about 20 million carbon credit offsets produced per year.

In other words – demand far outstrips supply.

This is exactly why most analysts believe that the price of carbon credits is only going to soar over the next ten years.

Right now, carbon offset credits are trading at about $10 per credit.

Most forecasters think the price of each offset credit will be worth at least $40 by 2030.

That’s a 300% jump in the cost of each individual credit.

On top of an increase in the price per credit, the size of the carbon credit offsets market is about to explode as well.

Experts expect the carbon offset market to be worth at least $100 BILLION by 2030.

The entire carbon credit offset market in 2020 was only worth about $100 million.

If it were to get to $100 billion that would represent a mind-blowing 900% growth.

So, if the price of carbon credits goes up to $40 per credit…

That would result in a jump from a $100 Million market to a $400 BILLION market.

That’s a nearly 400,000% market growth!

I can think of no other industry that is poised for more explosive growth than this one.
Billions in Capital is About to Flood In
According to Bloomberg, $39.2 trillion is fleeing fossil fuel investments.

Even if only a tiny fraction — just 1% — goes to the carbon offset market, that’s $390 BILLION dollars pouring in. (And I think that’s being extremely conservative.)

That’s an avalanche of money.

And because we’re right at the start of this global capital shift – those who get in early have the opportunity to get a piece of a business with $30 BILLION potential as it emerges from an explosive new market.
Will the Next $30 Billion Company be Born Here?
That’s why I’ve spent the last year putting together an opportunity in carbon offset credits.  I believe this new deal could be the biggest deal of my career. And I’m about to open the door to my members.

Why am I so confident in this project?

The reason is two-fold.

  1. I believe this company is running one of the best business models on the planet.
  2. They’ve got a first-mover advantage.

First, let’s look at the business model – streaming and royalties.

To really understand the power of this business model, let’s very quickly look at how it works in the mining world.

You see, a streaming and royalty company gives an up-front payment to a mine that needs cash NOW.

And as part of the agreement, the streaming and royalty company will get a certain percentage of the gold produced or, in the case of a royalty, the gross revenue produced from that mine for years…sometimes decades.

In other words, if the mine is operating – they make money no matter what.

They make money on the mine’s “top line” revenue and not the “bottom line” profits.

Even if the company that they provided capital for ends up having operational troubles or takes a hit to their bottom line, a company that owns a stream or royalty on the mine keeps collecting because they make money off gross revenues.

Investors who buy shares in these companies can expose themselves to the price appreciation of the underlying asset AND all the cash flow generated from the streaming and royalty agreements.

It’s a great way to make money while minimizing your overall risk.

This model started being applied to the mining sector in the 1980s.

And two of the most successful companies to do it were Franco-Nevada Corp. and Wheaton Precious Metals.

They had a first-mover advantage and used it to round up a tremendous number of projects before anybody really understood what was happening.

And boy did it pay off. Just look at how much these companies have appreciated since going public…

Franko Nevada is up 818%.

Over the same period, gold is only up 115% and the S&P 500 is up 216%...
And take a look at Wheaton Precious Metals.

They’re up 1,263% while Gold is only up 292% and S&P 500 is only up 293% over the same period…
You see, because these two companies were first on the scene they have turned into $20 and $30 billion companies that CRUSHED the market.

And remember, what you’re seeing is just the jump in share price after these companies went public.

Imagine if you got in on the ground floor!

And that’s the opportunity you have today with this private Project Carbon deal.

The company is using a proven business model and has a first-mover advantage.

Could this new carbon streaming & royalty company be the next $20 or $30 BILLION first-mover opportunity?

If I didn’t think it had that kind of potential, I wouldn’t be putting my own money into it.

This project could be a cash cow as desperate corporations all over the world clamor to buy millions of carbon offset credits.

With so much money flooding into carbon projects from the biggest companies in the world – a royalty company will get to take a slice of the revenue off every single project they invest in.

And as a first mover in the space – they could secure a nice piece of the market.

That’s why this is my NUMBER ONE deal of 2022. I call it….
Project Carbon: Your Key To Winning The Global Race To Net-Zero
Now, as I showed you before – I’m a “boots on the ground” guy.

I go out there, shake hands, meet face-to-face, and do my due diligence on every single deal before I ever decide to stake any money on it.

I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty and I’m not afraid to go to the ends of the earth to get the truth.

And this opportunity is no different.

I’ve put hundreds of hours of work into this deal.

I’ve crunched all the numbers, scoured project plans, and combed through every detail of this deal with the CEO – who is one of the most brilliant investors I know.

I’ve thoroughly grilled every member of the board.

And I am convinced this is an opportunity with 10X returns potential that could end up being one of the big early winners out of the gate in the race to net zero.

I was so thoroughly impressed that not only did I help recruit the team, but I agreed to join the board of the company. 

I’ve had many offers to join boards throughout my career, but I’ve always said no. Project Carbon is one of the few deals I’ve ever seen that I’m willing to put my name and reputation behind. I believe it could be that big.

Not only that, I believe those that get in now will benefit from the same “first mover advantage” that streaming royalty companies like Franco-Nevada and Wheaton Precious Metals got in the mining sector.

And right now – you can invest alongside my team and I and get into this behind-the-scenes opportunity through a private placement investment.

To show you how to do exactly that, I’ve put all of the details on Project Carbon into a comprehensive report that you can access NOW.

Inside, you’ll get the full run-down on this company as well as my in-depth analysis and why I think it has 10x potential.

You’ll see a list of current partners this company has already signed agreements with.

Plus, you’ll see the next streaming and royalties deals the company expects to close…AND their pipeline of future projects they’re currently negotiating.

You’ll see their exact methodology when it comes to choosing which projects to fund…what type of operators they work with…which jurisdictions they focus on and why.

And much more…

You’ll also get insight on their entire team – an all-star cast of experienced managers, directors, and advisors.

Put simply – it’s everything you need to get the FULL picture on this opportunity.

But that’s not all…
I Will Show You How You Can Invest In This Project Yourself…If You Meet One Simple Criteria
As I mentioned before – the deals I invest in are CLOSED to the general public.

You can’t find them on the “regular” stock market.

These are not publicly traded shares you can buy with a click of a button or through your broker.

And to participate in these private placement deals you must be an accredited investor.

Now that doesn’t mean you need to get some “license” or go through some complicated process.

You just need to meet one criteria. Although the criteria can vary around the world, in the US it simply means the following:

  1. You have an earned income over $200,000 (or $300,000 with a spouse) in each of the prior two years, with an expectation to earn the same this year.
  1. You have a net worth of $1 million, either alone or together with a spouse (excluding the value of your primary residence).

If you meet at least one of those two criteria – congratulations, you are eligible to invest in this private placement deal.

And I will show you exactly how to do it. I’ll walk you through the process and show you who you need to talk to and how to get in on this opportunity.

You see, you don’t need to invest the way that everybody else does. You don’t have to settle for 6%, 8%, even 10% gains from the market.

You have better, more exclusive options…opportunities that let you invest alongside some of the wealthiest and most successful investors in the natural resource industry.  

Because we’ve done deals alongside people like Lucas Lundin – Chairman of the Lundin Group, a $29.5 billion network of mining and exploration companies in oil, gas, gold, silver, diamonds, copper, zinc, and more.

Resource Capital Funds – a mining and investment firm that has partnerships with more than 200 mines in 51 different countries.
And Sandstorm Gold, which holds a portfolio of 220 royalties on mines around the world.

This is truly how the wealthiest people in the world invest. In fact, it’s often how they became wealthy in the first place.

They certainly aren’t counting on the “regular” stock market—especially not today.

Because in order for there to be opportunity, there has to be true deep value.

Yet, the P/E ratio of stocks has not been this high since the Dot Com bubble:
It is extremely difficult to find REAL value on public exchanges that have truly “asymmetric” upside potential.

And by that I mean, an investment where your potential rewards far exceed your risks.

An investment where it’s possible to take a small grubstake and increase it 5…10…or even 20-fold, often in a very short amount of time.

This is how you build TRUE wealth. You do it by following the same game plan that some of the world’s billionaire’s use.

And it’s simply not something you accomplish by buying the same stocks everybody else is, especially not in one of the most over-heated markets we’ve ever seen.

Unfortunately, for the average investor these kinds of opportunities were beyond reach for decades.

Unless you had built up the connections or you knew a guy who knew another guy – it would be almost impossible to find out about the next great deal.

But that’s no longer the case.

Now you CAN get in on these deals – and you can do it without spending years and years pounding the pavement and developing friends in high places like I had to do.

Now you can invest the same way billionaires do – completely outside the “normal” stock market.
Introducing Resource Insider…
By now you may be wondering why I’m even willing to share this private deal with you.

After all – why wouldn’t I just keep these deals to myself?

The reason is simple: by sharing these deals with you, my team and I are able to invest more money, make more money, and get access to even better deals in the future.

Here’s how it works:

When you become a member of Resource Insider you join a tight-knit group of other accredited investors.

Every time my team and I are ready to invest in a new deal – I share the details with this private group.

That doesn’t mean you must invest in these deals. Or that you must invest a certain amount.

The benefit for you as a member is that you get access to them if you want. And this is access that – frankly – you probably can’t find anywhere else.

Each deal that I bring to the table is a deal that I am personally investing in.

Every opportunity I bring you is one that my team and I are staking our own money on. And again – we never put money into any opportunity unless we think we can make a substantial profit off it.

In order to be a member of this group – you pay an annual membership fee.

That membership fee funds my team’s operations.

It’s what lets me scour the globe seeking out new opportunities, interviewing CEOs, and digging deep into every potential project.

For example, here I am talking with a local fisherman in Alaska’s remote Aleutian Islands so that I could understand a local gold mining project from every angle possible.
This is what is necessary if you want to truly discover the best investment opportunities.

Every year dozens of potential deals come across my table because these companies know that – when they come to me and offer me a great deal – that I’ll share it with you and other members of Resource Insider.

And often that means a bigger injection of capital for the company beyond what my team and I are personally investing.

Yet very few of these companies actually make the cut because out of the dozens of deals I review every year I only find a few select projects that pass my stringent criteria and offer the 10X plus return potential I’m looking for.

This has worked out incredibly well both for the companies we have invested in and for you – our members.

That’s why over 80%  of our members renew their memberships year after year.

That’s why Nolan Watson, CEO of Sandstorm Gold said this…
Or Mark B. who said…
Bill C. said…
Lee H. said…
And right now I’d like to officially invite YOU to become a member of my exclusive investment research service.
Become A Member of Resource Insider Today and Get Access To Project Carbon PLUS A Whole Year of Deals In The Pipeline.
Project Carbon is just the beginning of what we have planned for 2022.

You see, as governments around the world continue their enormous policy shifts toward clean energy – carbon credits aren’t going to be the commodity benefiting.

We’re at the beginning of a global shift in capital. I expect money to flows into ALL the natural resources needed to power the worlds green energy projects.

Resources like…
  • Lithium
  • Silver
  • Graphite
  • Copper
  • Nickel
  • Hydrogen
  • Gold
  • …more

The demand for Lithium alone – for example – is predicted to increase by 500% before 2050.

Prices have already started hitting all-time highs, but this is just the beginning.
Copper too is reaching all-time highs, but experts believe the demand for this vital metal is only going to increase from here – it is essential for the “green revolution.”
Right now, my team and I have already identified 4 new deals in this space and as soon as they’re locked-in – you’ll be the first to get the details.

Soon, I believe you’ll be hearing about a “Supercycle” in these commodities all over the news.

You’ll hear about tiny resource companies shooting up thousands of percentage points in value practically overnight.

You’ll hear about folks turning a few thousand bucks into millions betting on these stocks.

But by then it’ll be too late.

However, when you become a member of Resource Insider you have the opportunity to get into quality opportunities in this space – thoroughly vetted by my team – often BEFORE they even go public.

In fact, you can expect an average of 8 of these quality private placement opportunities every year.

And because we follow each deal from purchase to sale – we’ll bring you regular updates on what the company is doing, new developments, and most importantly I tell you before I sell my position.

At the time of this writing – our total portfolio is posting an over 124% average return.

Of course, every investment carries risk and some deals simply do not work out. But the 124% average gain on our portfolio is across EVERY position – including winners and losers.

And we have seen some truly outstanding gains in some select companies just over the last 24 months alone. That includes…
  • 500% on Kingfisher Metals
  • 620% on Alpha Lithium
  • 930% on Meridian Mining
  • 655% on Vizsla Silver

You missed out on these opportunities – but you don’t have to miss out on the next one.

Of course not every deal will deliver gains as big as the ones I just listed. As an accredited investor you know that all investments carry risk, some investments lose money and you should never invest more than you can afford to lose. But it just goes to show you what’s truly possible.

And right now the doors to Resource Insider are open for you and all you have to do is walk through.

But they won’t stay open for long.

In fact, we are opening the doors to this deal for only 48 hours.

Do you see that count-down clock below?

When it hits zero – these doors CLOSE and I don’t know when they will open again.
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Not only that, I can only let 100 people in during this time.

Because my team and I want to make sure ALL of your needs are taken care of and that we are ALWAYS here to answer your questions and help you in any way we can, we must put a hard cap on the number of people who are guaranteed access today.

Unfortunately that means you have two things working against you right now…

Time and space.

You only have 48 hours to get in…that’s time working against you.

But at the same time, this offer will CLOSE as soon as 100 new members join…so that’s space working against you.

I don’t know which will happen first.

But I can tell you this – hesitation is not an option if you want in on this deal.

Here’s the really good news though – for those who take action during this limited window of opportunity, you can secure your membership at the lowest price you will ever see.
Special Invitation 48 Hours Only: Membership at a $1,600 Discount
Typically, the yearly membership fee for Resource Insider is $5,000 per year.

And we’ve found that most people are happy to pay this year after year – especially when they get access to opportunities that have given them returns as high as 300%...600%...and 1,000% or more.

But today you won’t pay anything close to that thanks to this limited “Project Carbon” invitation.

For 48 hours ONLY you can become a member for just $3,400.

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Plus, you can accept this invitation with total peace of mind thanks to my satisfaction guarantee.

When you join today, you are fully covered by our 100% money-back guarantee. If you realize that membership isn’t right for you, just let us know in the first 30 days and we’ll refund every penny you paid.

Some people say I’m crazy for doing this, but I can offer such a generous guarantee because our members are so happy that almost no one who joins asks for their money back! 

But you MUST hurry – as soon as 100 members join through this special invitation, this offer WILL be shut down.

And no matter what, this offer ends Wednesday at midnight.

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As soon as you claim your membership, you’ll receive an email welcoming you to Resource Insider.

And inside that email, you’ll receive instructions on how to setup your username and password so that you can access all the details you need on Project Carbon.

And don’t worry if you’ve never invested in a private placement deal – we are here to help you every step of the way.

When you get access you’ll also receive a second report, a quick-start guide that covers everything you need to know about investing in private placements including…

  • Exactly how these deals work
  • What kind of account you need (don’t worry, it’s easy)
  • The names of experienced brokers we work with
  • How to invest in each new deal
  • How to contact me and my team for help whenever you need it

You’ll also be granted instant access to our private members-only Resource Insider website where you can see all active positions, all current and past deals, and all the investment details you need on Project Carbon and future deals.

You’ll also get access to the Resource Insider Member’s-Only Chat Group where you can interact with other members and chat with me and my team. It’s a unique chance to become part of a tight-knit community of savvy investors.

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WARNING: Only 100 Memberships Available
(and the doors close Wednesday at midnight if not sooner!)
These private deals are not for the slow-moving investor. They’re for people who are ready to “shoot to kill” – investors who are ready to pull the trigger on an amazing opportunity.

Because if you don’t move fast, these small windows of opportunity to get into a private deal will close without you.

Listen – I’ve already spent MONTHS finding and vetting this deal. I’ve put in all the work for you.

And I’ve got all the details for you as soon as you become a member.

Not only that – my team and I are waiting to help you with anything you need.

But you MUST act now – because this “sneak preview” invitation won’t be available for long. If you don’t go ahead and take action, you’re going to miss out on this potential 10x opportunity.

Of course, I’m not promising 10x your money – but according to the research you’re going to get access to, I think it is a very high possibility.

Again – it’s just simple math.

Even if just 20% of today’s 50 Billion tons of Co2 end up needing carbon offset credits– that’s 10 BILLION credits that need to be purchased annually.

Right now, there are only around 20 million carbon credit offset units trading. Not NEARLY enough to keep up with demand!

Especially considering that 21% of the world’s top 2,000 companies representing $14 TRILLION of revenue every year have already committed to net-zero targets.

Even using the most conservative estimates – this is a 400,000% market growth opportunity.

And what other commodity do you know of that world leaders of EVERY major country – over 190 of them to be exact – are drafting legislation that pushes companies to buy it?


A limited supply and massive demand.

I believe the company I’ve found is perfectly positioned to play it.

And as an accredited investor, you have the opportunity right now to invest in it on the ground floor through this private placement deal.

Over the next year, you’re going to see carbon credits get talked about on every major financial news outlet.

You’re going to start hearing about people who got in early making small fortunes in this space.

And when that happens, you’re going to think back to THIS moment right now. The moment you had the chance to get in on the cusp of an historic opportunity.

Are you going to look back with a smile? Happy you pulled the trigger? Happy to have made such a great decision – the kind that can add to the legacy you are leaving for your children and grandchildren?
Or are you going to look back with regret…realizing that you missed out on one of the greatest investment opportunities of our lifetime?

The choice is yours – but it’s a choice you have to make NOW.

This offer is only open for 48 hours and only to the first 100 people who take action.

Don’t be left on the sidelines.

Click “I Want In” below and let me RUSH you everything you need to know about this deal so you can get in before it’s too late.
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