Buy Gold or Buy Biden

Gold – I hate it. I have never been a gold bug. I’d rather buy metals with industrial demand, but that doesn’t mean I don’t understand the value of, or own, gold.

Today, gold makes up the largest portion of my investment portfolio. 

I am buying (the right) gold stocks aggressively. To understand why, have a look at a recent tweet of mine that garnered some attention:

This tweet has nothing to do with my political affiliation, or beliefs. 

I’m an investor, an observer, my job is to synthesize information and seek out opportunities that will make me (and my fellow investors) as much money as possible. 

This is the process that led me to buy so much damn gold.

You see, gold is a hedge against bad government decision-making, it is antifragile.


Antifragile is a word and philosophy created by Nassim Nicholas Taleb that helps investors account for luck, uncertainty, probability, human error, and decision-making in a world where we don’t, and can’t, fully understand the risks we face.

There was no word for the opposite of fragile; so Taleb created “antifragile.” 

Instead of getting damaged by strain, that which is antifragile grows, benefits, and becomes stronger after being exposed to stress, uncertainty, and volatility.

When antifragile systems are deprived of stresses and volatility they become weaker. 

Biceps are antifragile – the more you work them the stronger they get. Skip the gym and you become a withered shell of a man. 

Gold is antifragile.

It’s the oldest form of currency, and store of value, still in use today because it’s antifragile. Gold survives and thrives on incompetent politicians, natural disasters, global pandemics, and uncertainty. 

The greater the unknowns, risks, and volatility, the better gold performs.

But, what does gold protect us from exactly?

It’s not direct protection against inflation or stock market crashes. Gold is protection against cracks in the economic system. More specifically, gold is a protection against poor decisions by the government. 

Inflation and stock market crashes are a byproduct of these poor decisions.

The best way to hurt the price of gold is to run balanced budgets.

This means fiscal conservatism. Over the past 20 years, both Democrats and Republicans have become very fiscally liberal.

The world has been seduced into believing that we can print and spend our way to prosperity, but real wealth is created by individuals and businesses working for their own gain to benefit society as a whole.

Reality Check – what do the numbers say?

It is hard to measure antifragility, and it is even harder to measure “bad government decision making,” but after digging through the data we’ve identified two important drivers behind gold price.

  1. Real Rates; and

  2. The U.S. Fiscal Deficit.

Here is the two-minute overview and how you, as an investor, can use this info to make money. 

The Golden Barometer – Real Rates 

Real rates are interest rates adjusted for inflation. 

Real Rate = Interest Rates – Inflation

When interest rates rise faster than inflation, real rates go up and gold does poorly. 

When inflation outpaces interest rates, real rates fall, and gold prices run. 

The dropping pressure on a weather barometer signals we’re in for a storm. Dropping real rates indicate gold is about to be hit by a money storm.

The following chart demonstrates just how closely the gold price has tracked real rates for the last 8-years.

Real yields are in black. 

Yellow is annualized gold price. 

The takeaway is simple, gold prices should be surging higher very soon. Based on the historical data we expect gold to move up by 20-40%.

Beast of (Fiscal) Burden

The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the 2021 deficit will be slightly less than last year’s total at $2.3 trillion. 

But, this is pretty much bullsh*t as it does not include:

  • The $1.9 trillion (TRILLION!!!) stimulus package passed by congress; or 

  • The proposed $1.7 trillion infrastructure package currently in the works.

So, we can take that $2.3 trillion (which took decades of fiscal mismanagement to achieve) and 2.5X it. 

Let that sink in… the USA is now on track to effectively triple its deficit in a 1-bloody-year!  

Look at this chart:

Note: The red line ONLY includes the 2020 deficit. The dotted line represents the $1.9 trillion stimulus package… the remaining ~$4 trillion deficit still has to be added on top of the dotted line!

Notice how the blue line (gold price) has yet to catch up to the rapidly increasing red line (fiscal deficit)? 

Well… if the last 30 years of known data are any indication, it’s going to.  

Gold hasn’t even caught up to the 2020 deficit, let alone the coming astronomical 2021 deficit. 

MEANING: We believe gold price is going up. WAY UP.

How I’m Playing

100% returns are stellar, but 1,000% returns are life-changing. If you want to make 100 decent returns buy a gold ETF. If you want to make life-changing money, then you have to invest in gold miners.

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Jamie Keech

Founder, CIO & Editor; Resource Insider