We’ve set up an instant messaging forum using a platform called Slack, which is where you can meet other Resource Insider members and chat with Jamie, Nick and other members of the Resource Insider team.

You can use Slack online, but the application is much better. You can download and install Slack on your computer/phone/tablet free.

Our Slack address is https://resourceinsider.slack.com/. This is where you’ll go to access the forum.

You should have received an email to join our “team”, or you can USE THIS LINK TO JOIN. If you get stuck, you can always go here and enter your email to log in if you need help.


THE RESOURCE INSIDER delves into why we’re going about investing in Private Placement opportunities, both from a macro and tactical level.

Reading it is a great introduction to the world of private placement deals, or a catch up if you’re already versed in this investing strategy.