A Billion Dollar Feeding Frenzy

If you want to invest in the kind of deals that deliver 10x returns you need to remember this: 

There’s only one rule in the jungle….

When the Lion is Hungry he Eats.

At least according to Mickey Pierce, the marijuana kingpin at the center of Guy Ritchie’s latest gangster film.  

A bit dramatic, but the point stands: dinner goes to the strongest predator.   

And right now, the lions of the natural resource sector are battling it out for one of the juiciest prizes left on earth: Guyana.

Yesterday, I told you about the tsunami of capital flooding into Guyana – today I’m going to tell you about the competitors. 

A Question of Scale

Big investors need big opportunities. There are not many places in the world where you can invest 10’s or 100’s of billions of dollars and still see massive returns. 

Guyana is one of those places. 

Oil giants, Chinese mega-corps, and mining billionaires are battling it out for a piece of the pie. 

In the last few years alone:

  • ExxonMobil has made 19 offshore oil discoveries, more than 9 billion barrels of oil and gas, and plans to spend billions exploiting their concessions;

  • Chinese mining giant Zijin Mining outbid two competitors to buy Guyana Goldfields for CAD$323 million, at a significant premium; 

  • Gran Colombia Gold Corp acquired Gold-X Mining Corp. from mining moguls Robert Friedland, Frank Giustra, and Paul Matysek; and 

  • Silvercorp Metals took a major position in explorer Omai Gold Mines (a company many Ri Members invested in in 2019).

There is a “resource land grab” going on in Guyana that few have woken up to, with the biggest players on the planet competing for assets. 

The question we need to ask ourselves is: How do we use this info to make money? 

Be First

The easiest way to make money is to buy something that someone richer than you wants… before they know they want it. 

It’s not easy to do. You need the right asset, at the right time, in the right place. 

I might not be able to push around 100-billion-dollar energy companies or Chinese SOEs, but when it comes to the jungle of early-stage mining deals – at Resource Insider we’re the lion. 

Guyana projects companies may be some of the hottest takeout targets on the market in the coming commodities boom. 

They could sell for many multiples of what they are trading at today. With the potential to deliver 2x, 4x, or 10x returns. 

Robert Friedland and Frank Giustra have already carved out a piece of Guyana pie for themselves.

The Chinese are acquiring everything that they can get their hands-on, and at Ri, we’re moving to position ourselves, and our Members, for the next round of big acquisitions. 

How I’m Playing

The deal I’m about to invest in, Project Roadhouse is my biggest investment this year. Project Road House is a pre-IPO, gold company led by one of the most successful mine finders on the planet (a man that’s created billions of dollars in shareholder value).

I believe this deal has the ability to deliver asymmetric multi-bagger returns for my portfolio and those that invest alongside me. My Members and I are getting into this deal at prices I consider far below fair market value, I’m also getting warrants as part of my investment, essentially free options.

After years of working for, researching, and investing in mining companies, I have found that the best returns come from investing in IPO stage deals. All day, every day, I scour the world for mining deals. Every once in a while I find something truly special. That’s what I believe I have on my hands right now.

Learn to Invest on Your Own

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In this webinar, I will walk you through the process of how to find, evaluate, and invest in exclusive private equity and private placement deals.


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Jamie Keech

Founder, CIO & Editor; Resource Insider