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We offer a different, more effective way to invest in the resource sector. Resource Insider provides members with: Access to exclusive investment opportunities, professional research conducted in the field and in the boardroom, and a team of industry professionals committed to investing our own capital in every deal we cover.

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The Resource Insider team is made up of technical and financial industry professionals. We are engineers and money managers. We spend our time locating, evaluating, and investing our own capital in mining and natural resource deals. We work with members every step of the way – giving you access to exclusive deals not available to the general public. We always invest alongside our members and never take finders fees from the companies we invest in.

Our Members invest alongside the most successful investors, companies, and entrepreneurs in the sector.
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How Resource Insider Works

When you subscribe to Resource Insider, you’re not buying a typical investment newsletter. You are becoming a member of an exclusive deal-flow service. We scour the globe searching for the best mining and natural resource investments. Then, we bring you into the deal with us. We invest alongside you every time.

We have flipped the traditional newsletter model on its head. We are not copywriters or marketers; we are highly trained mining and finance professionals. We leverage our expertise to identify and invest in the best opportunities.

Exclusive Access
Professional Research
Aligned Interests
Why you need access to private placement deals.
Many of the most successful resource investors on the planet invest almost exclusively in private placements. Find out why.
  • Private placements allow investors to get stock at the cheapest possible price;
  • Invest alongside company founders, and professional deal-makers;
  • Get access to the same deals as hedge funds, private equity firms, corporates, and high-net-worth investors;
  • Buy your stock at a discount to the market price and get access to share purchase warrants;
  • Get the best returns on capital.
What Our Peers Say
nolan watson

I’ve known Jamie Keech for nearly 5 years and in that time I’ve watched him develop one of the more powerful networks in the junior mining sector. He’s proven a unique ability to consistently pair accredited investors with exclusive high-potential opportunities. Resource Insider members have invested in several companies that I’ve been involved with and I’ve been consistently impressed by the competence and insights Mr. Keech and his group bring to these deals.

– Nolan Watson, CEO Sandstorm Gold

marcel de groot

I met Jamie in 2015 when he was working at Equinox Gold, a company that I was a Director of. Jamie worked closely with Executives of the company to complete a series of acquisitions that grew the organization exponentially.

Since founding Resource Insider Mr. Keech and I have invested in several of the same opportunities. 

Jamie is extremely motivated to succeed and brings a high-degree of creativity and energy to his work. He has an uncanny ability to develop and utilize networks, giving him unusual access to opportunities in the sector.

– Marcel de Groot, President Pathway Capital

dan oflaherty

I had the pleasure of working directly with Jamie on a daily basis for a number of years. We initially hired Jamie to join our team to help build a profitable mining company, and over that period our small team successfully completed a series of mergers and acquisitions.

As a key member of a company experiencing rapid growth Mr. Keech demonstrated a very strong team-oriented work ethic. He excelled in a role that required technical and financial aptitude, as well as a strong understanding of capital markets. His combination of an engineering background paired with excellent communication & networking skills proved to be a valuable contribution to the team. Most notably, Mr. Keech brings a high-degree of integrity to his work and relationships.

– Dan O’Flaherty, CEO Maverix Metals

greg smith

As CEO of a start-up mining company, I hired Jamie in 2015 as part of the small team that ultimately built what is now the multi-billion dollar Equinox Gold Corp. Over the last 5 years, I have worked with Jamie, invested with Jamie and watched as Jamie created an exceptional platform providing education and unique opportunities to investors in the mining space. Jamie is a guy who puts in serious time and effort to research the assets and management teams he recommends and invests in. And he always puts his money where his mouth is.

– Greg Smith, President Equinox Gold

What Our Members Say

I am a charter subscriber to Jamie Keech’s Resource Insider. Through his wide range of contacts Jamie has the ability to find low risk, high value opportunities with tremendous asymmetric upside. Further, he has the geologic and financial skill set to perform exceptional due diligence before recommending any investment to his subscribers. Importantly, both Jamie and Chris put their money where their mouths are by investing side by side with their subscribers in every deal. With all my dealings with both of them, they have exhibited the utmost professionalism and integrity, rare attributes in this business.

Mark Butler

I am very impressed by the job Resource Insider has done. While I have a few 'other' private placements in an array of industries, Resource Insider is the only known service where Jamie and Nick present a logical macro view of investing in a particular sector by demonstrating in-depth knowledge, performing rigorous research, assessing management experience, and validating potential investments using an extensive network of inside contacts to cherry pick the best opportunities in the space. Their approach is systematic and well thought out. As such, the results are tremendous. By far, much better than anything else out there...

Lee Hall

I've had many successes in life because I've always surrounded myself with people of high-integrity. The RI team has this in spades, along with being very smart, hard-working and seeing market potentials well ahead of the masses. Jamie, Chris and Nick invest their money with their subscribers; that's being in alignment

Bill Crowley

I have been a Resource Insider member for about two years. I have received exceptional personal service, when I requested assistance. I have been consistently provided with clear and thorough information and education about each investment opportunity. There have been countless presentations which have delivered an education about diverse aspects of investing in the natural resource industry. Jamie is a skilled interviewer who has interviewed many industry experts as well as legendary, famous explorers and leaders in the mining industry.

Jamie is amazingly productive, highly sophisticated and knowledgeable, consistently available, and very responsive.

I have invested in ten different opportunities that I would have had no clue about, nor the access to even be considered as a potential investor. The RI service enables me to have exposure to investments that have been chosen with sophistication and care. These are potential high payoff investments with minimized risk, as a result of the thorough, knowledgeable evaluation of each investment opportunity.

I know that I am actually investing alongside Jamie, on the same terms and conditions. As Nassim Taleb would say, We both have "skin in the game". And that is a crucial characteristic of all the Resource Insider deals.

Gary Morgan
We stand by our deals.

We invest in great companies, with quality assets, led by proven teams. Hear what they have to say about working with our team, and our members.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Individuals wanting access to high potential opportunities in the natural resources sector, who recognize that the incredible wealth in this sector is often made by insiders, but who lack the time, expertise or ability to personally hire and pay for a team of professionals to work full time sourcing, evaluating the highest quality deals in the sector.

We believe that metals – from gold to copper to battery metals – represent an incredible investment opportunity. We are buying into these investments with our own money, and are sharing these deals with members of Resource Insider who invest alongside us, on exactly the same terms.

Private placement opportunities not available to the investing public. We invest in both pre-IPO and publicly listed companies.

We invest across the mining and metals space in deals that have the potential to provide multi-time returns for our capital. By joining, you are benefitting from Jamie’s expertise as a mining engineer and investor, and the research and due-diligence he completes on every opportunity presented – in which he also invests.

As often as you like. Of our existing members, some invest in every opportunity presented, and others only a few.

We do not in any way benefit when you invest – we do the research, tell you what we are doing, and provide guidance on how you can do the same, but the decision whether to go ahead is entirely yours and we have no interest one way or the other.

What this means is that we are incentivized to find the best deals, so we make money on our investments – NOT from commissions or fees.

Members can also interact via our subscriber forum, connecting with other subscribers so they can discuss their course of action on any given opportunity.

No. When an opportunity presents itself, we provide you with the research we’ve completed, including a report covering the particulars of the opportunity, interviews with the management team and technical or commercial leaders, we also explain how and why we are planning to invest.

We provide full guidance and instructions on the investment process, while connecting you with the company so that you can deal directly with them. Furthermore, members have the opportunity before investing in any deal presented, to ask any questions they may have and have them answered by Jamie.

There’s no fixed amount of opportunities that we present, we do good deals when we find good deals. However, they tend to average between 6 – 10 per year. Out of all the opportunities that come across our desk, we only invest in under 5%. Our approach is to bring members only the highest quality opportunities and the ones we ourselves are investing in.

Many are still private and cannot be disclosed, but we have invested in copper, gold, lithium, uranium and silver opportunities and have collectively allocated over $10m in those opportunities.

Our group tends to raise between $500k and $3m on any given opportunity (it depends entirely on the deal). A recent opportunity was a pre-IPO investment into a company called Eclipse Gold, where members participated at $0.35. Early this year it listed and currently trades at +$0.85.

Yes. Please email where someone will respond with an example report sent to members so that you can gauge the quality of the due diligence we provide. You will not be disappointed. We have built our reputation on providing high-quality due diligence.

We are funded by subscription fees and do not accept finders’ fees or commissions from the companies we invest in. This is important because it ensures that our incentives are aligned 100% with our members.

We don’t get kickbacks, meaning the investment opportunities we present are genuine. We use the fees we charge members to run our business, conduct due diligence, engage with management and focus on making great investment decisions.

The only requirement you need to fulfill in becoming a member is that you certify yourself as an Accredited Investor in your country of residence. This is because most of the opportunities presented will require this.

On any given deal we have members who invest a few thousand dollars and others who invest hundreds of thousands. In most instances, there are no minimum investment requirements. In the few cases where there have been minimums set by the company it has been CAD$5,000.

One of the benefits of being a Resource Insider member is that we will guide you through our investment process from start to finish.

In our initial report on the opportunity we will lay out our investment thesis, cover the risks and opportunities and explain why we are investing in a given deal. We continue to provide our members with regular updates on how the company is progressing with guidance as to when we intend to sell and how to manage that process.

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